CES Aegis – applications

Versions of the model have been used to assess the potential of  what have subsequently become the largest non food shopping destinations in Britain – including Bluewater, Meadowhall, Stratford City, Westfield London.

The model also been used in partnership with others to forecast changes in the ranking of shopping destinations, across Great Britain.  Some of the largest  property and property investment institutions have subscribed to these forecasts  which incorporates our  national 10-year forecasts for the top 400 non food locations. 

The model has been used in some 200  impact studies, over several  years.

We usually operate at the ‘back end’ of an impact study running  the model in collaboration with and in response to a brief  from a partners or partner – typically a retail or planning consultant, who is charged with delivering the assessment for the ultimate client.

The model has  also been used in major regional strategic studies such as a study of the impact of Cross Rail and other major projects on the London Retail system, and on the system of Factory Outlet Centres across the whole country.

Many smaller impact studies of non food and grocery shopping developments have used the Aegis model.