Forecasts & demographics

We  produce sets of key demographic variables for small areas drawing mainly on the census. Key variables include age structure, family composition, house type, tenure and size, occupation, industry of employment, social grade, car ownership, mode of travel to work, ethnic status, and marital status.

We produce the CES lifestyle classification of  small areas by identifying clusters of similar characteristics, and a lifestage breakdown.

We also produce population and household forecasts for small areas using  a combination of past trends, estimated relationships between  growth, location and demographic composition, and published ‘official’ control totals of population  for local authorities for  10 years ahead. 

Our income and spending  estimates and forecasts for small areas are produced using  a combination of official and published  data on income and spending distribution, relationships between types of household and spending, local demographics,  and ‘official’ income trends for local authority areas.